The Feel Good Program

How to follow your inner compass and design the life you want.

Over the course of our 1:1 sessions, I'll coach you to relearn how to listen to your inner compass, so you can find guidance within yourself and start creating a life by your design. I help you see things you cannot see about yourself. Having me as your personal life coach and using the feeling good program will give you the right tools to feel good and find direction. I am committed to supporting you in designing your life your way and in living your life with awareness and purpose.

Sandy Beach

The Course on Feeling Good

Following your inner compass to guide your way.

The Course on Feeling Good is a 16-hr journey into who you really are. It is a spiritual, scientific and mindful manual with knowledge, tools and practices to help you find your personal guiding beacon.

I use logic, real life experiences and proven knowledge to show you why you already have everything you need to move forward, to let go of resistance, to feel unstuck, and to feel good. 

Trading Fears

How to step into a fearless strategy.

At least 60% of your success as a profitable trader is determined by your state of mind. This workshop will give you the knowledge, tools and practice you need to be aware of what goes through your mind during your trading day.


You will be able to let go of fears and distracting thoughts an emotions, and focus on your performance to successfully execute your trading and money management strategies, and start making a profit!.

Trading Fears.jpg

The Fox and The Owl

A community of teachers to help you find your way around.

The Fox and The Owl is a great support to develop your ability to find the sharpest and smartest solution to any problem. Call on The Fox and The Owl community when you feel lost and need help finding your way.

Business Mentoring

Dedicated to mentoring and advising top executives and business owners.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur and you feel stuck. If you want to answer any of the following questions:

  • How can I get funding or resources for my business?

  • Is my revenue model the most appropriate for my business?

  • How can I determine the equity value of my business or startup?

  • When will I break-even?

  • What do I need to do to grow my business?

  • How do I make my business more profitable?

  • How much money do I need, and when, to expand my business?

  • How feasible is a new business idea/unit/venture?

I will accompany you and guide you to find the right questions and valuable answers to those questions.


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