Fall Tokens

The Course on Feeling Good

The Course on Feeling Good is a deep dive into your inner self. It'll guide you, step by step, into who you are, into your unlimited potential, and your ability to be happy regardless of your circumstances. It'll help you identify your fears, your limiting beliefs, the things you resist and the what is keeping you stuck. Then, it'll show you how to release them and take inspired action in order to grow and move forward.

The Course on Feeling Good is divided into three main sections

Everything is Connected

Section I

The first section is a guided exploration of the universe, the consciousness, the mind and the self, and how they're all connected. We'll share and link important concepts and knowledge that will allow us to form insights into the story we tell ourselves of who we are, and what we need to release and what to integrate and accept about us.


The Art of Feeling Good

Section II

The second section is where we start putting our own pieces together and we realize why it is important to feel good and how to find happiness within us, instead of outside. We'll explore moments of contrast, acceptance and surrender; we'll learn how to listen to our inner compass to find our path ahead with self-love and compassion.


Inspired Action

Section III

In the third section we'll learn to re-program our minds to start listening, observing and trusting the signs from our own intuition. We'll re-learn how to feel and how to take inspired actions instead of our usual doing, doing, doing. This is where we find our guiding beacon.