The Feel Good Program

Changing a Tire

When you feel good, regardless of the circumstances and what's going on around you, you can be of better service to yourself and others. Feeling good allows you to be more okay with your present moment and, in turn, more aware of the opportunities that come your way.

However, sometimes we resist feeling good because we've learned that it's not always alright to feel good and to listen to our intuition, to our inner compass.

Over the course of our 1:1 sessions, I'll coach you to relearn how to listen to your inner compass, so you can find guidance within yourself and start creating a life by your design. I help you see things you cannot see about yourself. Having me as your personal life coach and using the feeling good program will give you the right tools to feel good and find direction. I am committed to supporting you in designing your life your way and in living your life with awareness and purpose.

Three steps to start your program:

Step 1: Free 15 min Call

Step 2: Life Audit Call

Step 3: Your Coaching Program


Step 1: Free 15 min call

On the call I will:

  • Discover if there is any synergy between us

  • Ask you questions

  • Listen to you

  • Listen for your ability to transform your mindset and attitude and to expand your awareness

  • Listen for your level of commitment to yourself

  • Listen for your strengths and limiting beliefs

  • See where you have skills and capabilities

  • Listen for your needs and how they are being met or not met

Step 2


Step 2: Life Audit Call

The Life Audit is the first step in committing to making changes in the way you approach the circumstances in your life because you are ready to commit to feeling good above anything else, and you're determined to care about how you feel, always. 


This determination comes from understanding that there's no other way because you are tired of trying the old, socially expected, and socially accepted roads that have not worked and are not working for you.


Self-love is at the root of caring about how you feel, and that's where we will focus first

Step 3


Step 3: Your Coaching Program

In the Feel Good Program, I'll coach you on how to listen to and follow your inner compass, and how to use it as the guiding light to achieving your goals and happier life.

During the 6-session program, we'll explore and observe what's keeping you from getting to where you want to be, and I'll provide you with tools you can use, at any moment and at your own rhythm, to follow your intuition.

And why is it important to learn how to follow your own intuition? Because it is always there with you, it always points to your purpose and your happiness, and it is independent of others. It is your unique way to know what you really want.